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Christian DNA: a Series on Faith, Hope and Love sermon series image ​Over the generations there have been seemingly endless volumes written to describe the Christian life. What does it mean to trust a life to Christ? W read more... 11/7/2021
The World That God So Loved Is This World sermon series image ​We see the consequences every day—fires, floods, droughts, storms. The financial and human costs continue to rise as homes are destroyed, lives are l read more... 10/24/2021
Finding God - This Place and On the Move sermon series image Although we do not always feel God’s presence of awe and glory, it is constantly revealed to us. Yet, we must set the reminders to spot God’s Spir read more... 10/17/2021
The Church: An Already/Not Yet People sermon series image What is a church good for? Why did God decide the world that God loves needs a church? Well, there are several responses to such questions. A few cent read more... 9/5/2021
Practical Wisdom from James sermon series image "Timely wisdom for our world today.” That’s how Dr. Martha Moore-Keish describes the Book of James in her recent commentary. (James. A Theological Com read more... 8/1/2021
Choose the World You Want to Live In sermon series image Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God, or the kingdom of heaven as Matthew identifies it. It’s not heaven; it's life lived genuinely and authentically in read more... 6/6/2021
Tell Me a Story sermon series image We are, both as Christians and as humans, a story people. We enjoy stories, we learn from stories; but over the past year we have in some ways been un read more... 5/30/2021
You've Got a Friend sermon series image ​Jesus was accused of being a friend to the wrong people. He also had high expectations for friendship, as once he said the greatest love is in one wh read more... 4/25/2021
New Things sermon series image read more... 4/11/2021
The World Turned Upside Down sermon series image The beatitudes launch the teaching of Jesus that describes the life that God intends, that God blesses and that God creates for us. The beatitudes des read more... 2/21/2021
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