Do I Have a Story for You!
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5/7/2023 To 5/28/2023

The first stories in the Bible are both familiar as well as complicated. You know the names— Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, as well as that story of the Tower of Babel. These old stories are not about people who lived at the beginning of humankind. They are stories about the whole human family. The ancient wisdom found in these first stories points to our place as well as our responsibilities in God’s world. In this series, we will walk with God “at the time of the evening breeze.” We will see what we can learn from a talking snake. We will discover how familiar the first brothers can be to us. And we will discover the risk to us all when “the whole earth had one language and the same words.” These are stories our ancestors in the faith loved to tell. After all these generations, they still reveal truth about ourselves that we need to know. Rev. Tom Are, Jr. preaches this series.