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You've Got a Friend sermon series image ​Jesus was accused of being a friend to the wrong people. He also had high expectations for friendship, as once he said the greatest love is in one wh read more... 4/25/2021
Worth the Wait: God, We’ve Made a Mess of Things. Can You Fix it? sermon series image During this season when COVID-19 has chased us indoors and, in many ways, away from one another, it is common to yearn for things to get back to norma read more... 11/29/2020
Winter Sermons sermon series image Rev. Zach Walker preaches Dec. 29, 2019 | Rev. Melanie Hardison preaches Jan. 5, 2020 read more... 12/29/2019
Winter Sermons sermon series image You will hear sermons from three Village pastors: Rev. Len Carrell (associate pastor in pastoral care), Rev. Tom Are, Jr. (senior pastor) and Rev. Dr. read more... 12/29/2019
Why Can't We Get Past This? sermon series image In this series, Rev. Tom Are and Rev. Dr. Rodger Nishioka explore the pervasive and complex realities of racism in American Culture and The Church. | read more... 5/19/2019
Who Do People Say That I Am? sermon series image The birth of Jesus comes with many claims regarding his identity. Who is this child? The Angelic choir called him the messiah. Gabriel called him God’ read more... 1/12/2020
What Was Intended for Harm sermon series image If you know about Joseph in the Bible, you know life does not come without challenges, difficulties and trauma. As we look at Joseph we can draw out s read more... 9/4/2022
What Presbyterian Faith Teaches Us About Good Governance sermon series image As we continue to struggle with our sadness and shock from the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, Rev. Tom Are asks us to remember what our P read more... 1/10/2021
What Freedom Looks Like sermon series image Freedom is important and something that we should not take for granted. But what does it mean to be free? There is certainly a political way to answer read more... 3/1/2020
Village Being Village sermon series image Sounds silly enough, but the most important work of the church is to be the church. The gospel is not an idea or a program, but a community. When we read more... 10/25/2020
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