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Sensing Faith sermon series image Faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit and by God’s grace, comes to us through a variety of ways. Sometimes faith comes through something we hear: a son read more... 8/7/2022
July Sermons sermon series image Do I Have to Go to Church to be a Christian?? - Rev. Sally S. Wright (7-17-22). Why Doesn’t My Young Adult Go to Church? - Rev. Hallie Hottle (7-24- read more... 7/17/2022
I Have a Question... sermon series image Life raises questions. Sometimes it raises questions that require a response from our faith. The teaching of the faith raises questions as well. Some read more... 4/24/2022
I Have a Dream (HOME) Action and Celebration Event Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sermon series image 4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 26 ​MISSION CAMPUS SANCTUARY Village Church is hosting an event with Stand Up for Black Lives+ PV, the Johnson County NAACP, read more... 2/26/2022
Life In The Wilderness sermon series image Three decades after the ministry of Jesus, life was chaotic for Christians in the Roman empire. Serious earthquakes occurred. Christians became scapeg read more... 1/2/2022
Joy when you need it most sermon series image This is the season when we light the candles of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. This year, perhaps more than most, we need a little joy. When spirits are read more... 11/28/2021
Christian DNA: a Series on Faith, Hope and Love sermon series image ​Over the generations there have been seemingly endless volumes written to describe the Christian life. What does it mean to trust a life to Christ? W read more... 11/7/2021
The World That God So Loved Is This World sermon series image ​We see the consequences every day—fires, floods, droughts, storms. The financial and human costs continue to rise as homes are destroyed, lives are l read more... 10/24/2021
Finding God - This Place and On the Move sermon series image Although we do not always feel God’s presence of awe and glory, it is constantly revealed to us. Yet, we must set the reminders to spot God’s Spir read more... 10/17/2021
The Church: An Already/Not Yet People sermon series image What is a church good for? Why did God decide the world that God loves needs a church? Well, there are several responses to such questions. A few cent read more... 9/5/2021
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