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What Presbyterian Faith Teaches Us About Good Governance sermon series image As we continue to struggle with our sadness and shock from the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, Rev. Tom Are asks us to remember what our P read more... 1/10/2021
What Freedom Looks Like sermon series image Freedom is important and something that we should not take for granted. But what does it mean to be free? There is certainly a political way to answer read more... 3/1/2020
Village Being Village sermon series image Sounds silly enough, but the most important work of the church is to be the church. The gospel is not an idea or a program, but a community. When we read more... 10/25/2020
These too, are water sermon series image ?Sometimes, the things right in front of us are the hardest to see, even when they shape our lives every day. Right now, we are as a county coming to read more... 9/6/2020
There's a Call for You sermon series image The Bible is full of stories where God calls individuals, and sometimes groups, to live in a certain way or perform certain tasks. God calls Abraham t read more... 5/10/2020
The World Turned Upside Down sermon series image The beatitudes launch the teaching of Jesus that describes the life that God intends, that God blesses and that God creates for us. The beatitudes des read more... 2/21/2021
The World That God So Loved Is This World sermon series image ​We see the consequences every day—fires, floods, droughts, storms. The financial and human costs continue to rise as homes are destroyed, lives are l read more... 10/24/2021
The Good That Is Ours To Do sermon series image There was a time when the church was convinced that we would conquer the world. Maybe whoever Luke was, who wrote the book of Acts, had such a confi read more... 10/23/2022
The Church: An Already/Not Yet People sermon series image What is a church good for? Why did God decide the world that God loves needs a church? Well, there are several responses to such questions. A few cent read more... 9/5/2021
That’s Asking a Lot! sermon series image Every year new officers of the church answer some important questions. These questions point to theological convictions we, as people of the church, read more... 9/10/2023
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