The Church: An Already/Not Yet People
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9/5/2021 To 10/10/2021

What is a church good for? Why did God decide the world that God loves needs a church? Well, there are several responses to such questions. A few centuries ago, the Presbyterian Church identified some grand purposes to describe what the church is for. These purposes are called the “Great Ends of the Church.” There are six Great Ends. They describe the life of the church as it is, at least to a point. But they also are aspirational and describe what the church should be. In that sense, they describe the church as it already is, while at the same time, they describe the church as it has yet to become. Rev. Are will explore each of these ancient statements. They are hopeful. They are challenging. They are relevant, perhaps more relevant today than they were when they were drafted centuries ago. When the church chooses to live toward these Great Ends or Great Purposes, there may be no other place you would rather be in/among these already/not yet people.